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ace yungblood @aceyungblood
the few, the proud, the emotional.
where is Blurryface?
Joined May 2010
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ace yungblood @aceyungblood i am not your parent. please locate the proper authorities if you find yourself lost and/or orphaned. good luck!

Kimmy Horan @voteace

OMG DAD IS TWEETING MOM HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! @giaalvarez @aceyungblood

ace yungblood @aceyungblood happy birthday, stargazer.                        
ace yungblood @aceyungblood what do you do when you sell out madison square garden (holy shit!!!)? you play a second night! get your tickets now bit.ly/1GZm2LP                         
ace yungblood @aceyungblood tour is over and it wouldn't have been half as special without you. the few, the proud, the emotional. we are yungblood kids and so are you.                        
ace yungblood @aceyungblood did you know you can't honk someone else's horn in st. louis? #lastshow #stlouis #honkyourself                        
ace yungblood @aceyungblood did you know it is illegal to kiss on a train in milwaukee? #showtonight #milwaukee #wesupportkissingontrains                        
ace yungblood @aceyungblood in case we ever forget again just how much we knee-d each other. thanks everyone for voting and thanks extra to those who voted for me!

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ace yungblood @aceyungblood the votes are in! you couldn't choose between us (and i don't blame you) so a tie means we will both be getting our names tattooed together! #bestbestfriends                        
ace yungblood @aceyungblood if you vote for me not only will i remember most of the lyrics to most of the songs but i will try to remember each of your names too. #VoteAce #YBKdebate

Yungblood Kids @yungbloodkids

Does Josh Dun know the lyrics?. Ace Young questions his commitment to the band. #YBKdebate

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Claude Amick @claudeamick I believe in ramen, electric ukuleles, and punk-ins. #IVotedAce

ace yungblood @aceyungblood excuse me while i kick two people out of my band, heart, bed right now #oh #subtweet                        
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Gia Alvarez @giaalvarez Who am I voting for in the #YBKdebate? Guys, I'm neutral. (By neutral I mean that I'm voting for @joshuadun so I can be his new BFF. #obvs)                        
ace yungblood @aceyungblood do you really want to vote for a guy who would so carelessly replace his best friend for another? i would never stand for anything like that. #VoteAce #YBKdebate

Yungblood Kids @yungbloodkids

Best Friends. Can Josh Dun buy your vote with his friendship? #YBKdebate

ace yungblood @aceyungblood do you really want to vote for someone who dun-care about your health? i care about your health. i care a lot. just remember that okay? #VoteAce #YBKdebate

Yungblood Kids @yungbloodkids

Dun-care by Josh Dun. Josh introduces voters to his take on healthcare reform. What do you think? #YBKdebate

ace yungblood @aceyungblood who else thinks that josh would look great with my name tattooed on him? i believe in me and you, vote ace and make dreams come true! #VoteAce #YBKdebate

Yungblood Kids @yungbloodkids

The debate begins! Poll located on our page. You have 24hrs to vote and loser gets tattooed live on stage. #YBKdebate

ace yungblood @aceyungblood do you watch elections and wonder when they are going to get to the things that really matter to you? we do too. #YBKdebate #sorrykanye2020                        
ace yungblood @aceyungblood the emotional roadshow tour 2016 coming to an arena near you! thanks each and every single one of you for making this opportunity possible.

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ace yungblood @aceyungblood This is not just another poem.
This is my goddamn revolt.
I am done holding my tongue like a bible.
—  Andrea Gibson
ace yungblood @aceyungblood a beauty and a beast are heading to your halloween issue of @AltPress mag. you decide which is which. catch it on sale oct 31st!

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ace yungblood @aceyungblood did you know in south dakota it is illegal to sleep in a cheese factory? #showtonight #siouxfalls #thecheesesleepsalone