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    blurryface's lane boy hints

    the brilliant creepy official twitter for yungblood kid's album 'blurryface' (@blurryface) never does anything accidentally. for the six months the twitter has existed it has made sure each tweet furthered the plotline of the album. so, when blurryface starting favoring seemingly unrelated tweets, the skeleton clique was quick to figure out what they all had in common. the answer? '11 am est'. but what was being released at that time and when? fans wouldn't have to wait long.

    for another week blurryface lapsed back into silence before returning with the most cryptic hint so far. of course, the skeleton clique was on it with a passion that alan turning would be proud of. fans figured out the numbers in groups of twos answered both the what and when questions the original blurryface tweet had left behind.

    three days before the hinted at video release date, blurryface posts what seems to be an entirely blacked out photo. contrast and brightness manipulation reveals what seems to be evidence of filming with ace yungblood (giveaway being the red socks).

    ukalele rock's king of cryptic uploads his own addition to the blurryface saga just one hour before the drop of the lane boy video. it's later known to be ace's speech just before the beat drop in the music video. fans are relieved but no less confused.

    VIDEO DROPS and ace dances with men in hazmat suits, josh drums, it seems all questions are answered and the skeleton clique breathes a sigh of relief. ace smiles at the camera, puts on his brightly colored kimono, and the hazmat men bow before him. all seems to be well.

    but maybe just a bit too soon. right after the video premieres (currently just over 200,000+ views), ace's twitter header changes to simply read 'why?', his photo changes to one of blurryface, and blurryface's twitter is suspciously empty of favorites, of tweets, of following. blurryface's header is black and his photo is a grotesque mask. is this the end? have the yungblood kids won? or are we merely in the calm of the storm?