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happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, twenty three plus three, happy birthday to me.

i know this is cheesy but it had to be dun.

*flynn rider voice* guys, i want an elevator.

she wanted to see britney so we went see britney.

what came first, pluto or pluto? #justice4pluto

we dyed until we died. @moonster88 was so energized when we started this 84 years ago.

even if her face says otherwise i'm pretty sure betty loves me too.

someone decided it was selfie time while i was getting my hair done. hi yoko.

yep this is happening. i'm blue #insertlyricshere #notgonnasingit

betty heard i was hungry and being a good host she decided to help out.

@moonster88 is super hyped for our day today.

ukeleles and this comic are both punker than you.

found my twin while in my draco malfoy phase. @allynez

had a blast. tell @allynez hi for me when you see her!


it's a beautiful view from where i'm standing.

one man's quest to sleep while on roller skates. #partytime #naptime #unlifeoftheparty

favorite australia find #deathbeforedecaf. exhausted and jetlagged but places to be and people to see.

if i were a cookie i'd eat me. if josh were a cookie i'd eat him too. i bet we taste delicious.

uh what are you doing here? strange finds on daebu island.

come rock out with us and donate to support earthquake relief. #rockout #helpout

have you seen the video for lane boy yet? ft, josh drumming and me dancing w/ hazmat dreamgirls. link in bio. #success #fame #staylow

skeleton clique in manila turned up tonight #thanksguys

ready to keep comfy at any possible suit and tie events. this counts right?

interupted a super secret drummers only meeting between josh and tomoya. #awkward

about to tear it up in japan with our pals from one ok rock.

this is what pale dudes do when they still want to look cool 😎

can you find me?

🍟🍟🍟 it got pretty saucy.

josh told me i was out the band again. this was the pic he sent of my replacement.