Most common misconception? I don't know. I guess, I just want to say that I smile. I enjoy watching thug animal videos and playing with puppies and occasionally I even laugh. That's just for the record. Let it be known, I can be something besides serious. I take music seriously, I take living seriously, but myself? Not so much.

Fame scares me. Celebrity scares me. Soundbites scare me. The world is so manufactured now. We like what we like because the tv tells us that we should and our friends do so obviously we need to get on board or get left behind. I think I'm terrible at this, all of this. It's why I don't do interviews alone if I can help it. I tell people if they want to get to know me to go listen to our albums. It's my best and my worst. Still like me then? That's a good place to start. This is bad right? I mean, you're a magazine. But it's cool. I like you. I don't mean you, promise. I've fucked this up probably. Where's Josh?

Ace Young, Alternative Press (May 2014)